Princesa or Princess in English means a beautiful female member of a royal family, dressed in a pre-possessing gown with a tiara made of the finest jewels in the world.

From the name itself, Puerto Prinsesa in Palawan is the most captivating tourist destination in the Philippines. Located in the coastal city on Palawan Island, to many, Puerto Princesa is best known as the “City in a Forest”.

For a lot of people, Puerto Princesa is definitely on top of their list when they want to experience natural wonders. Known for being part of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, I can definitely say that this is the ultimate getaway.

When you visit Palawan, it’s impossible to miss the 8.2- Kilometer river or simply known as Puerto Prinsesa Subterranean River. The longest underground river in the world that goes out into the South China Sea. This is also a home to different species of plant, birds, trees, reptiles, bats and mammals.

Looking for secluded white sand beaches? Islands for family picnics, swimming, diving or snorkeling? Looking for those hard-to-find colorful reefs? Puerto Princesa is the haven for everyone. Imagine enjoying the sunsets away from the crowd. The pristine emerald water is breathtaking. Definitely, a sight to see.

Getting point to point in this haven is tiring and may need a lot of transportation transfers. Rey Car Rental offers a self-drive rental for anyone that would like to see the beauty of Puerto Princesa in a most convenient, local-like style.