Summer? Spring break? Long weekend? Regardless of what your reasons may be, it’s always a good thing to be prepared specially when you’re off to somewhere.

There’s a lot of travel hacks when it comes to managing your day to day activities when on vacation. Some of the questions that needs to be answered are:

  • Where am I going to stay?
  • How long am I going to stay?
  • What are the places that I am going to visit? and of course,
  • How will I get to those places?

That being said, being familiar with the bus stops, train stations, and other means of transportation is going to be very efficient. For a frequent travelers, knowing the routes makes their journey stress-free. Speaking of stress-free, Have you considered renting a car instead? I know what you’re thinking. Expensive, limited, extra or hidden fees? These are some the pitfalls of renting a car. But did you know that you can easily avoid these “so-called-car-rental-traps?
Today I would like to share some car rental tips, that will make your future journey a lot better!

DIY or Do it Yourself

You can start by searching for car rentals online. Aside from saving a lot of money from travel agencies, you can also look for the best possible option there is for you.

Plan early

This wont hurt. In fact, some of the best deals are offered in advance. You might find the cheapest package. After all, “Early bird catches the worm”.


Check for Cancellation fees or upfront payments. Choose what will suit your needs. Checking with your insurance company, is also a very wise option. Car Rentals benefits and inclusions are some of the things that you might have with your insurance company.

And, there you have it folks! There’s a lot of things to consider in planning your most ideal vacation or travel ever. These are some suggestions that will definitely help you avoid the inevitable hassles of long journeys.